Building Agency in our Students Online

Why agency and why now? Now more than ever our students need to have agency in their learning and in their lives in and out of their academic lives. Agency enhances our students' sense of control, which is a pivotal part of building resilience and ultimately healthy coping strategies for when things change around them. One way to see how agency fits into the bigger picture of our students well being is this amazing sketchnote by teacher, learner and sketchnoter, Lauren G. Her Instagram is...


The HyperDocs Girls

When our schools adopted Google Apps for Education and equipped our classrooms with technology, we began asking: How can we truly utilize these tools to transform the student learning experience? It was then that we coined the term HyperDoc to define our digital lessons and started creating. Teaching with HyperDocs got us really excited about personalizing our lesson plans and instructional delivery. We were feeling alive! Our students were engaged and excited. We knew we were on to something s...


What is a HyperDoc?

As classroom teachers, we hear constantly about 21st-century learning - we want students to be creative, collaborative, critical thinkers, and communicators. Then we ask them to sit quietly, while we explain everything, and tell them exactly how it’s to be done. It doesn’t have to be that way. Students are curious by nature, we just need to provide opportunities for them to be curious. They are amazing problem solvers when given the opportunity to create rather than consume informati...


Critical Engagement with Material When Designing a HyperDoc

There is more to lesson planning than learning objectives and assessment. There is more to HyperDoc digital lesson design than choosing the right tools, colors, images, and packaging. A designer carefully crafts a lesson for the students in their class, but specific design decisions can have an impact on whether or not the lesson delivery addresses bias. During the delivery of a lesson, students have conversations. But what do they say? During the delivery of a lesson, students communicate th...


After ISTE19 Reflections and Resources

We are fortunate to be a team of three. And it’s not often that we get a chance to present together. Although we all work in the same school district, it can be tough to find the time to gather. Miraculously, we made it across the country together in Philly for our first-ever ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference. Before this year, we have been clinging to the #NotAtISTE hashtag in hopes of learning along with the many other educators who could not physically ...


A HyperDoc Is Not A WebQuest

Words matter, and in a day and age where information is streaming through our timelines faster than we can keep up, figuring out what words mean can be challenging. In defining new terms, it helps to understand the history and context of the term HyperDocs, in relation to the term WebQuest. In 2013, many districts in our area began purchasing Chromebooks for the annual state tests. We were finally getting a larger number of devices on our campuses. As teachers excited about using technology, ...

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