Why The United States Entered World War Two Make a Copy

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Germany and Europe- U.S Aid

- By the 1940a, Euorpe had almsot fell to the Nazi Reigime. France had fell and Britain used all its military forces to wage its battle with the Axis Powers. 

- The U.S would aid their Allies through the Cash and Carry System in which Britain paid and shipped their supplies back to Europe. 

-The U.S would send voluntery forces to aid in their Allies as well. 

The Attack of Pear Harbor 

- Japan's imperial empire waged war on several countries in Asia. 

- The United States was angered so they had cut oil supply to Japan. 

-Japan planned the attack at Pear Harbor that occured on December 7th, 1941.

-President FDR implies and connvinces congress to go to War.

-By this point, most of the world is at War.