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Music 8 grade art English


General Music IOA

Process Component Pr.4: Rehearse, Evaluate, and Refine – Evaluate and refine personal and ensemble performances, individually or in collaboration with others

You the student will be able, whether its individually or with a group, Rehearse a peice of music and be able to identify things to try improve on to be able to make the preformance the best it can be!


 Down below is a link to a quizlet to help familiarize your with some new vocab words!

To maintain strong healthy singing, you should always start a rehearsal with a warm up. Before you start rehearsing the peice, you can use the video linked below as a reference for a good vocal warm up. If you are going to be trying to examine your voice to make adjustments, you have to make sure you are singing at your best.


 For the first activity I want you to click the link below that will lead you to a website called Primary Games, and it will bring you to a game called "Rock Music". This game is really good for rhythm, memory, and music memorization.

The next activity is to go to youtube and look up a video of whoever you want, either a solo or group preformance is fine, but it has to be choral music. After you listen to it, make a venn diagram of 5 things they did good, and 5 things they could improve on. This will help you have a more critical ear when your listening to music. Below is a link to youtube, which you can search the videos up.

To test your new fine tuning skills. You are going to record a 20 to 30 second clip of you preforming a piece of music you have been rehearsing. Then write a venn diagram just like how you did for the youtube video, for yourself. Take a picture of it when its all finished. Youre going to email me the video clip and the picture. Hang on to the venn diagram to look over. After two days, after you have had time to implement your new adjustments, youre going to take another video of you singing the same bit as you did in the first video. This allows to actually really be able to hear and see the improvements after you've had a chance to refiine it a bit.