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When should you teach this lesson reporting verbs?

This ESL lesson plan download on reporting verbs is aimed at students with advanced proficiency levels (B2 level). To fully grasp the material, students must be very comfortable changing verbs between various tenses, including the perfect, simple and continuous.

How to teach this lesson on reporting verbs?

This lesson begins with an introduction to two of the most common reporting verbs: say and tell.

  • If say is followed by an indirect object, it is introduced with to.

  • Tell is often used to give orders and instructions, and it is always followed by an indirect object, without to.

Many students require a lot of practice with say and tell, so take time to allow students the opportunity to practice. Afterward, move on to the slides introducing reporting verbs that indicate specific meanings. Some examples include: demand, yell, whisper, advise, invite. The slides are playful and illustrated with many pictures and fun examples to help students understand when to utilize each reporting verb!

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