How To

How to Create HyperDocs

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Here is a quick, step-by-step guide to creating your very own HyperDocs...

Step #1: Determine Objectives   de

  • Grade Level?  
  • Content Area(s)?
  • Length of Lesson?
  • Specific Objectives?
  • Desired outcome (explore, apply, assess)?


Step #2: Determine Cycle of Learning  f

What specific steps will students follow?

  • Explore. Explain. Apply.  
  • Workshop Model
  • 5 E's Model
  • HyperDoc Model


Step #3: Packaging4

  • What Google App can I use to package this lesson? (Docs, Slides, Maps, Sites)  
  • Why?


4Step #4: Determine Workflow

  • Push out content    
  • Collect work
  • Provide feedback




Step #5: Design

Be thinking, "How can I make this content engaging for students?"   x

  • Page color
  • Font
  • Images
  • Customized Links
  • Table properties, merge cells, etc. 


Evaluate your HyperDoc

Is this a HyperDoc or a digital worksheet? Ask yourself the following:

1. Does your lesson follow a specific lesson design? (step 2) These templates will help with your structure.

2. Did you include the 4 C's in your lesson? Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and creation?

3. What level of critical thinking and technology did you integrate? Is this a simple recall task or does this push your student's thinking? Is it substitution or is the technology used transforming the learning?

Hack Your HyperDoc

Check to see where your HyperDoc falls on the checklist which incorporates the ISTE Standards, SAMR, and DOK levels.

HyperDoc Evaluation Checklist



For more information on "How To" HyperDoc, check out our YouTube Playlist HERE.