TKAM Entire Unit Created by Deann Powers

Here is my entire 6 weeks TKAM unit.  I made the unit and then found this awesome site. So I prettied it up a bit using this template (THANK YOU!)

It meets a ton of Texas Teks. Feel free to email me with questions.  powersd@eulaisd.net

Here are the links to all the documents - in case you need them.



Back to School Wishlist

This Back to School Wishlist hyperdoc encourages students to be the commander for their classroom.

Students are given the platform to express their thoughts and honest opinion on the followings:

classroom seating arrangement, list of technology tools to be introduced, field trip to go, and classroom activities

Back to School Wishlist - Student-centred Learning


What is Global Read Aloud?

This resource is for teacher or PD in introducing the Global Read Aloud concept which was started by Pernille Ripp and has been taken place globally every year. Through this resource, you will understand how this is to be done with your students, the connection to be made and the positive impact that you will see at the end of this Global Read Aloud. 

Vowels & Consonants

HyperDoc with Digital Breakout theme

Students will get to learn what are vowels and consonants and how to use them in their simple daily sentences. Students will discover when to use "a" and "an" respectively. This resource is suitable for kindergarten (with teacher's guidance) through 2nd grade. 

Share this link https://deck.toys/a/m1GDNvDWH via Deck.Toys classroom to track your student's progress and have a report generated at the end of the lesson.

One Word Resolution (Student)

HyperDoc with Digital Breakout theme

Guide your students in coming up with their New Year One-Word Resolution. Time for a fun yet meaningful reflection before setting the New Year goal or resolution. This resource is suitable for students of all age groups and reduces the hassle of creating a new one each year as this is convenient to be reused. 

To track your student's progress and have a report generated after the completion, share this link https://deck.toys/a/XyydIwM6N via Deck.Toys classroom.

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