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Figurative Language

Activity to introduce students to figurative language.

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Planting Beans

Students will be able to plant Lima beans and watch as they grow over time.

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2nd Grade Texas History

Texas History

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Vocabulary - Clothing - Off2Class ESL Lesson Plan

"Vocabulary - Clothing Even though this lesson plan is geared towards working students, students of all backgrounds will appreciate this lesson plan about clothing. It features clothing-related vocabulary that is a bit more specific (collar, high heels), as well as useful adjectives to describe clothes. Also, this makes it a great vocabulary-focused lesson plan for intermediate-level students! Finally, this lesson goes perfectly with the third lesson in our Step-By-Step curriculum on Money and Shopping. If you want additional lesson plans and support, including teachers’ notes, be sure to register for a free Off2Class account."

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Peppa’s Pumpkin Day

Through this lesson, the students will be able to read and understand the reading. They will be able to identify/describe the main idea(s), the narrator, the characters, the setting, and illustrate details from the story.

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About my teaching strategies

This is about my teaching strategies

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President Reseach Project

Biography research for US president

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Writing Outlines

Importance of outlines

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Counting Coins

Counting Coins: Review standard/I CAN statement. I can solve word problems involving dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, using $ and ¢ symbols appropriately.

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