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Humans of New York photos story telling


Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 10.57.58 PM.pngInspired by photographer and storyteller Brandon Stanton and the power of telling digital stories, this #HyperDoc invites students to capture moments in their hometowns and write narratives to tell their stories. Take this lesson to the next level by creating a digital space for students to share their writing on social media or on a Padlet for all participants to view and comment. Here how to use this HyperDoc:

  1. File and make a copy of this HyperDoc.
  2. Let students explore slide #2. The links provide mentor text and sample posts. Students will get ideas for what pictures they might want to take and what stories they want to tell.
  3. Slide #3: Read aloud, independently, or with a partner. The image of the book links to the book on Amazon. Introduce Brandon and how he has used social media and photography to make a living and to tell stories of the people of New York. 
  4. Slide #4: Share the article linked about how one of Brandon's Blog posts inspired a $1.2 Million Dollar fundraiser for kids.
  5. Slide #5: Watch the video of the story. 
  6. Slide #6: Don't be afraid to embed your blended learning lesson into a HyperDoc. This slide does not require any tech, just teaching. Guides students through a turn and talk discussion.
  7. Slide #7: Change the background image of this slide to match your own hometown. 
  8. Slide #10: Create your own links or strategies for sharing student work. Samples are provided.  

Have feedback? Please let me know. I absolutely love this lesson and I hope you do too! If your class creates posts, please share with me via the HyperDoc Facebook Group or on Twitter @kellyihilton or @tsgivets. 


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