"The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle" by Avi Novel Study Make a Copy

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This hyperdoc is a novel study on The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.  The hyperdoc has Pear Deck add-ons throughout for instructor paced or student paced instruction. The Pear Deck features can be removed after you make your own copy. You can share TTCoCD hyperdoc with your class or you can give each student their own copy via Google Classroom (my recommendation to make optimal use of interactive content). 

TTCoCD Hyperdoc features a link to the audiobook via YouTube and as long as the site is up, the audiobook will be available. It is segmented by chapter for assigning to students.

It features a pdf version of the novel, for those who have limited novels to share with students and to allow for e-learning.

It features a link to a TTCoCD Dictionary slide presentation to serve as an e-notebook for students to build vocabulary skills and to use to respond to questions (short and long answer) scattered throughout the original presentation. TTCoCD DICTIONARY

Slides 1-2 Audiobook and pdf book version 

Slides 3-4 features a short bio on the author with inquiry and recall questions.

Slides 5-6 features a "life aboard a ship" background with informational text links and recall questions.

Slides 7-14 features You have been warned - Chapter 5 

  • Reading of text and journal response
  • Plot summary of section with prediction and open recall questions
  • Mini-Context Vocabulary lesson with TCCoCD Dictionary presentation to record vocabulary words 
  • Sensory Details observed and recorded by the reader thru Charlotte's POV

Slides 15-19 features Chapters 6-12

  • Character connections
  • Character Allusion
  • Vocabulary
  • Spiderwebbing

Slides 20-30 features Chapters 13-17

  • Character Check-up
  • Mini lesson on Symbolism
  • Prediction
  • Tribute to Life on the Ocean Wave
  • Mini lesson on Conflict

Slides 31-38 features Chapters 18-22

  • Vocabulary Check-up
  • Theme explorations (links to Schmoop.com)
  • Novel Map