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When to start teaching the passive voice

This lesson is the first in a series of ten lessons about the passive voice. These ten lessons are great for helping students grasp this difficult concept. With that being said, you should avoid using this lesson with beginner students. Instead, it is great for pre-Intermediate students but can also be used with intermediate learners for a review.

What students will learn in this lesson

In this lesson, students will learn to identify the passive vs. active voice. To practice doing so they will compare active and passive sentences with the same meanings. They will also learn to form sentences using the passive voice. This helps students to understand the differences between the passive and active voices in English. 

In addition, the student(s) will learn to identify the subject and object in a sentence. This will help them complete activities throughout the lessons. Finally, they will learn how to use “by” in passive sentences. With help and encouragement from you, your student(s) will grasp a new concept and have fun doing it.

Tips for teaching the passive voice to ESL students

This lesson is designed to incorporate speaking, listening, reading, vocabulary and grammar practice. Since introducing the passive to ESL students can be difficult, make sure you remain patient while teaching. To teach more effectively,  be sure to refer to the given teacher notes.

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