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When to use this lesson

This lesson is designed for pre-intermediate students that have existing knowledge of the present simple and present continuous. It is great for teachers to introduce students to the form of adverbs and adverbs as used after verbs. This lesson is straightforward and logical so that your student can develop an understanding of how to use adverbs in conversation and writing.

What you will teach

In this lesson, you will not only teach students the different forms of adverbs but also how to make an adjective into an adverb. To do so you must first teach your students to differentiate adjectives and adverbs. Then you will introduce your student(s) to the rules surrounding how to write adverbs correctly. For example, you will teach students that when an adjective ends in -y, you must drop the -y and add -ily to create an adverb (happy becomes happily). 

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