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When to start teaching gerunds

As I mentioned before, I used this lesson with a pre-intermediate student and I think this is a great place to start. Regardless of the age of the student, if his/her/their proficiency is pre-intermediate then learning and teaching gerunds will be fun for all of you. Keep in mind that students at this level should have a general idea of how to read, write, speak and understand English; this lesson will help improve these skills.

What does this lesson include?

Before you start teaching gerunds, it’s important to know what this lesson plan includes. As I alluded to before, it includes several engaging and educational activities that allow students to practice new concepts. It includes a warm-up, several examples, gap-fill exercises, matching exercises and speaking prompts. It also includes definitions and slides with explanations. In addition, this lesson includes several questions for students to answer.

What will students learn in this lesson?

The purpose of this lesson is for students to practice verbs that are followed by gerunds or infinitives with no change in meaning. They will also learn how to determine when to use gerunds or infinitives. Moreover, they will work on answering questions using two sentences: one with the gerund and one with the infinitive. Students will also have the opportunity to create their questions, it’s really fun to see what they come up with. By the end of this lesson, students will be able to make logical sentences using several verbs including love, like, hate, prefer, can’t bear, can’t stand, begin, start and continue.

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