A Free ESL Lesson Plan On Animals And Pets Make a Copy

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When to use this lesson plan on animals and pets?

The topic of animals, particularly pets, might seem juvenile or childish to some teachers. However, this lesson plan is tailored so that it is engaging, intellectually stimulating, and appropriate for mature learners. This is a great resource for you to use with pre-intermediate students that need to work on developing their English vocabulary lessons.

How to teach this lesson

 It is important to note that many students will already have some knowledge of pets and animals. So at the beginning of the lesson, make sure to personalize the lesson and immediately ask about the student’s pets, or relatives’ and friends’ pets. In addition to personalizing the lesson, you are required to prompt students and give examples as needed. Finally, be sure to converse with the student and give them opportunities to read. In any case, it’s always important to correct your students but constructively and encouragingly. 

What will students do throughout this lesson plan on pets?

This lesson plan on pets is designed to introduce students to new vocabulary words. However, throughout the lesson they will practice speaking, reading and listening; they will have ample opportunities to formulate sentences independently. 

This lesson plan allows students to use the most common vocabulary items related to common pets, including what they eat and how to care for them. It also allows students to use the vocabulary in context and raise awareness about how this vocabulary is used in daily language. 

Students will work on a variety of activities throughout the lesson. From reading, matching, memory, picture descriptions to gap-fill exercises. These activities keep the classroom environment engaging and dynamic.

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