Teaching The Passive Voice: An Introductory Lesson Make a Copy

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vocabulary Grammar Active & Passive Voice; Active Voice; Passive Voice ESL lesson 1 grade 2 grade 3 grade English English


This lesson is the first in a series of ten lessons about the passive voice. These ten lessons are great for helping students grasp this difficult concept. With that being said, you should avoid using this lesson with beginner students. Instead, it is great for pre-Intermediate students but can also be used with intermediate learners for a review. To teach this lesson most effectively, I recommend that you download a free Off2Class account so you can access the accompanying Teacher Notes. These Teacher Notes will help you teach the concepts clearly while asking for information from students. All in all, Teacher Notes make the Off2Class lesson plans even better than they already are!

Download the free lesson plan below: https://www.off2class.com/lesson-plan-downloads/teaching-the-passive-voice-an-introductory-lesson/