A Trip to Space Make a Copy

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space solar system 3 grade 4 grade Science English


When doing this lesson, I would choose to tell my students very little about the activty beforehand as I would want to get their initial reactions while doing this activity. I would make sure to advise my students to pay close attention to details as they will be doing an activity on it later. After putting on the VR headset, students will begin this lesson by being inside Kennedy Space Center at NASA. Next, the students will go inside of a rocket and tour what an actual space rocket looks like. While inside the rocket, the students will get to experience what an astronaut experiences when going through space as they will do an actual "take off" with 360 degree views all around the rocket on the way to space. Once in space, students will be able to see the planets orbit the sun, the moon, and the stars. There will be great detail on the size that the planets actually are so students can get a realizstic look of what space looks like. After using the VR headset, students will complete an activity.