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What to focus on when teaching the present simple tense?
In English, we use the present simple tense to talk about general truths, habits and unchanging situations. As you can imagine, it is used several times throughout an English speaker’s day. With this being said, it’s important to provide a solid foundational lesson so your students can use it correctly in the real world. If you want to take your teaching even further, help your students create notes for reference.

Often enough, students will think that the only rule they need to remember is to, “add an -s to the end of the verb”. However, this is not always the case! Be sure to introduce them to the spelling changes that happen when using the present simple tense. For example, when using the present simple tense your students need to know what happens when a verb ends in -s,-sh or -ch. Finally, do not forget to work on pronunciation with your students. The –s sound can be difficult for ESL students of all levels so it’s necessary to practice saying words with it. This teacher-led lesson plan will help you do all of these things and more!

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