7th Grade Reading Comprehension Strategies Rubric Make a Copy

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     Level One Level Two Level Three Level Four
Making Connections (Prior Knowledge) Does not make connection to the text Talks about what the text reminds them of but cannot provide exmplanation on how it relates to the text Relates background knowledge as well as experience to the text Links background knowledge and examples from the text to enhance comprehension
Questioning Unable to ask or answer questions Beginning to ask and answer questions, but unable to support with evidence from the text Be able to ask and answer questions and begin to provide evidence from the text Ask and answer different types of questions and finds evdience in the text to support questions and answers
Visualizing (Sensory Imagery) Does not demonstrate use of sensory images Utilize some sensory images Demonstrates use of sensory images and somewhat elaborates from literal text or existing pictures Demonstrates multi-sensory images that extend and enrich the text
Determining Importance Unable to determine important concepts in the text Determine some important concepts in text such as characters, plot, main idea, or setting Identifies some important concepts in text with some supporting explanation Identifies key idea, theme, or concept linking it to the overall meaning of the text
Monitoring Comprehension Does not identify dificulties or problem areas Identifies difficulties, but doe not articulate need to solve problem Identifies difficulties and articulates need to solve the problem, but does not use strategies independently Identifies dificulties and articulates need to solve the problem and able to identify appropriate strategy to solve the problem
Inferring Does not not make interpretations or draw conclusion Able to make interpretations or draw conclusion, but not able to justify response with information from the text Make interpretations and draw conclusions and justifies response with information from the text; some teacher prompting may be necessary Independently make interpretations and draw conclusions as well as clearly explains connections using evidence from the text
Synthesizing Unable to reveil elements of the text Randomly retell some elements of the text Retells all key elements of the text in logical sequence Retells elements of the text in logical sequence with some extension to overall theme, message, or background knowledge