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In French, personal pronouns are used to replace nouns. They refer to people and things that have already been mentioned, and reflect grammatical gender, person, and number. Personal pronouns can be the subject or the object of the sentence and can take different forms depending on their role1.

Here is a list of personal pronouns in French grammar:

Person Subject Pronoun (weak form) Subject Pronoun (strong form) Direct Object Pronoun Indirect Object Pronoun Object Pronoun (strong form)
Singular 1st person je moi me / m’ me / m’ moi
Singular 2nd person tu toi te / t’ te / t’ toi
Singular 3rd person (m) il lui le / l’ lui lui
Singular 3rd person (f) elle elle la / l’ lui elle
Plural 1st person nous nous nous nous nous
Plural 2nd person vous vous vous vous vous
Plural 3rd person (m) ils eux les leur eux
Plural 3rd person (f) elles elles les leur elles