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quadratic equations 9 grade algebra English



This assessment will be divided into five different parts:

  1. Create an art piece of something people interact with that has a parabolic shape.
  2. Reference the quadratic equation that your art piece resembles in Standard Form and Vertex Form.
  3. Graph the equation and label its vertex, roots, maximum, minimum, and axis of symmetry.
  4. Choose two other values for the “a” constant in your Vertex Form equation – one being at least 2 times larger than your current a-value, and the other being at most 50% less (a≠0). Then, graph the two new equations and redraw your art piece to reflect each modified function. Be sure to use the same range and domain visibility used on the first function to reflect the other two (see the attached file: ART EXAMPLE for reference).
  5. Explain why you chose the parabolic application for your art piece and define the advantages of understanding its quadratic function (think about the potentials that its equation may have and what manipulating its function can offer).



This assignment can be submitted in person or online by uploading your file on Google Classroom. If you choose to work on this assignment electronically, it should be created using Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint (be sure that you follow APA guidelines as appropriate. For guidance on APA formatting and writing, please visit the Writing Center). The art piece can be created by hand or digitally with any program of your choice (you are recommended, but not limited, to use the following programs: Paint, Photoshop, and Photopea).



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