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Two ways to find great HyperDocs


1. Browse our templates and Samples

We sort our templates by subject to make them easier to find.









2. Ask the Community

Our Facebook and Twitter communities are thriving with teachers using and experimenting with HyperDocs. Ask for exactly what you need and find it!









Three lessons for beginners 


1. Definition of a HyperDoc

Are you new to HyperDocs? Curious about what they are and how they might work in a classroom?


2. Multimedia Text Sets, the Gateway to HyperDocs

A gateway is an access point, a means of entering. We have come to believe that multimedia text sets are the gateway to HyperDocs because they are the first shift you can make to teaching with technology.


3. Experience Learning on a Multimedia Text Set

The best way to experience this shift in instruction is to try using it as a student.