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Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 1 Lesson

ED 381 Hyper Docs Final Lesson Plan

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Subordinators, Coordinators And Transitions – Free ESL Lesson Plan

When should you teach this lesson on subordinators, coordinators and transitions? This ESL lesson plan download on subordinators, coordinators and transitions is aimed at students with intermediate proficiency levels (B1+ level). Ensure you guide your student on appropriate usage in both formal and informal contexts and in spoken and written registers.

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Veterans Day

This is a quick Hyperdoc Lesson on Veterans Day where students learn about Veterans Day and write a letter to a veteran.

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How 9/11 changed the world

A look at how 9/11 has had a lasting impact on the world

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Introduction to Weather

Introduction to Weather.

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Counting Coins

For today's lesson, we will be learning how to count coins using manipulatives.

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How To Teach Possessive Adjectives In A Fun Way - Off2Class ESL Lesson Plan

"What does this lesson plan include? This lesson plan includes useful tables with information on subjects and possessive adjectives. It also includes examples of how to correctly and incorrectly use possessive adjectives and nouns in sentences. Additionally, it contains several pictures that help to support student comprehension. This lesson is chock full of activities to help students understand how to use possessive adjectives. Most students enjoy the gap-fill exercises, particularly ones where they talk about themselves. It is really important that you get students to use possessive adjectives repetitively and in useful contexts so that they retain information. Essentially, this lesson plan includes activities that encourage students to do exactly that. If you want additional lesson plans and support, including teachers’ notes, be sure to register for a free Off2Class account."

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Hyperdoc for Jon Smith

Learning how to comprehend nonfiction texts

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Food Truck Business Creation

Students can use this template provided to create their own food truck for a business class.

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