HyperDocs + Gen-Z Media Collaboration

Check out this very exciting new collaboration we’ve been working on! 

At this point in the school year, you know your students and you have covered a lot of content. It is time to nurture new skills like listening comprehension, foster a love of storytelling, and inspire some good ol’ creativity. You can do it all simultaneously with gzmclassroom.com. We have recently worked with an incredible organization, Gen-Z Media. This company has produced several award-winning podcasts that cover multiple genres - nonfiction, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, and more. You’re sure to hook in the range of learners you serve -- from emerging readers to avid readers! Many of the shows by GZM are wonderful for teaching storytelling - they are engaging drama pieces, chock full of deep character work and themes appropriate for students in grades 3-8. Some are even nonfiction, game show style podcasts that will spark curiosity and debate in your classroom. 

The HyperDoc girls partnered with the Gen-Z Media team to design classroom content for teachers to use right away. Each show featured includes an Explore Board, Listening Guides, and Choice Board. And did we mention that these are FREE?!

If you’re new to podcasting in the classroom, here are some tips to getting going ... 

  • Explore the website and invite your students to chime in on one that sounds interesting.
  • Explore the website and think of your content standards - is there a show to help cover content like science (Natureverse) or history (Young Ben).
  • Consider the award-winning series, Mars Patel. 
  • Commit to the first episode or two of the most popular show, Six Minutes! (Season 1 available in Spanish!!)
  • Try out a one-off episode of The Big Fib
  • MORE IDEAS to get started, from Gen-Z Media!
Author: HyperDocs Admin 07-03-2023