After ISTE19 Reflections and Resources

We are fortunate to be a team of three. And it’s not often that we get a chance to present together. Although we all work in the same school district, it can be tough to find the time to gather. Miraculously, we made it across the country together in Philly for our first-ever ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference. Before this year, we have been clinging to the #NotAtISTE hashtag in hopes of learning along with the many other educators who could not physically attend. This year we were present in Philadelphia, but also feeling connected to our #NotAtISTE friends around the globe. We are sharing our session resources, key takeaways, and some ISTE gratitude!



How do you make learning stick for your students? What does a meaningful, memorable lesson look and feel like? How can we design lessons with purpose and intentionality? A HyperDoc is a digital lesson that is at the intersection of teaching and learning. One of the things we geek out on is studying our own HyperDoc lessons, asking, “what is working and what can we do better?” By studying a few quality lessons, we collectively analyze the parts of our teaching that will stick with students. We are always looking to develop lessons that develop independence in our learners. This session has become a new favorite for us because we get to reflect on the elements of effective lesson design, as collected here in this shared Answer Garden: 



This session was a blast! It was our first time presenting as a poster session. Finding small ways to represent HyperDocs on the poster, and intangible ways, was another great opportunity to showcase the fact that HyperDocs are both a product (digital lesson plan) and pedagogy/lesson theory. Although initially, the idea felt low tech and mildly outdated, we were pleasantly surprised by how many people we could chat with and how personalized the experience was. As individuals or groups of people approached us, we could easily ask, “So, what do you teach?” This simple question would launch us into pulling up a specific HyperDoc lesson to talk through for that person. We also had a chance to discuss particular questions a participant might have had, along with with address any misconceptions about HyperDocs. All three of us talked straight for two hours - with different educators - and we were so energized by the end! There will definitely be poster sessions in the future! 



Thank you to Mark Hammons and the Breakout EDU team for designing a digital breakout for our participants. It was fun to see the many educators who arrived at our session early work to solve the three-part riddle about HyperDocs and Teachers Give Teachers. It is NOT too late to participate! Here is a link to the digital breakout:

We had a handful of people jump up and announce that they had broken out. A few are pictured below:



Different Learning Styles. Learning looks different for everyone. Some prefer to sit back and listen, and feel inspired. Others prefer a more hands-on approach. Some adult learners like to “shop” around for new ideas, while others would rather chew on small, bite-sized bits of information as a Byte or Ignite session. In addition, ISTE-goers could choose to: attend sessions or workshops, chat in a lounge area, ask questions to a panel, listen in to a speaker taking the ISTE stage, purchase books, attend parties and LIVE events, follow hashtags, peruse the expo hall, approach companies or consider new ideas during a poster session. One big AHA for us was that adult learners can grow their practices in different ways. What ISTE has done is to provide a wide range of styles to meet all the learning needs. Choice - lots and lots of choices! 




A highlight for us at ISTE was having the opportunity to share A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT live with our Sticky Learning session participants! And now we get to share with all of you. Our big news is that we have started developing our very own HYPERDOCS ACADEMY! This will be an online learning opportunity to meet the diverse needs of teachers around the world! Similar to what we discovered at ISTE, learning for adults must offer choice and variety. We want to get this right - because we know that there are students at stake! Developing our HyperDocs Academy is a chance to reach more students out there! We will be sharing more about the Academy coursework, along with how and when to register, in the upcoming weeks! We plan to launch in the Fall of 2019.




We are ready to pack for #ISTE20 in Anaheim, CA


  1. Your friends. Because learning is so much better when you are with people who think like you or nudge you to think differently. Bringing friends to a conference, or making new ones, is highly recommended! 

  2. Comfy shoes. Because you will be in those shoes from about 8am-10pm. Or longer.  Because you think you will have time to change into an evening pair, but you won’t. So choose wisely, friends. 

  3. Rompers and blazers. An easy to pack outfit is the romper and blazer combination. This provides a one outfit grab and go. Wear a blazer to look professional or take it off for evening wear and fun! 

  4. Your laptop and charger. Because, well, you are at an EdTech Conference. 

  5. A pre-planned itinerary, complete with Google Calendar and Google Maps. Because you will rely heavily on the notifications telling you where and when to be places. Or at least keep a good friend close by who will tell you where you need to be. 

  6. HyperDoc buttons and stickers! Because it’s really fun to have a little goodie to share with your friends and new edtech buddies when you meet them! 

  7. Granola bars. Because you will likely not eat all day -- you are too busy chatting with new people that you meet, and online friends you are meeting for the first time in real life.

  8. Long arms or a selfie stick.  So. Many. Selfies. Because we carry a camera in our pockets at all times, why not capture the face to face meet-ups with a picture?! 

  9. Fit Bit. Take advantage of the destination - You’ll gain a ton of steps cruising around the town you’re in! Seeking out the best restaurants and local hot spots is a great way to gather and connect with EdTech buddies from around the world.

  10. Note-taking system. Your mind will be abuzz with new ideas! So plan to whip out the yellow Notes on your phone, pull up Google Keep, or take out real paper notepad and pen. Whatever your method, you will want to capture the rush of good thoughts as they come whizzing by! 

Author: HyperDocs Admin 12-08-2019