Need Some Fresh Inspiration? We’ve Got You Covered!


This is typically my favorite time of year to teach. I’ve covered most of my standards, I know my students so well by now, and what drives them! And, Spring is in the air -- which means that fresh ideas are blooming! Creativity abounds! This year feels different. 

Since the last year of pandemic schooling you may be feeling like you’ve exhausted most of your good ideas and need a re-fresh! We have curated some of our favorite things to spark or re-ignite your inner lesson designer! This resource is packed with web tools and actual HyperDoc lessons to help you make it through this final stretch of the school year. Provide that lasting joy for your students! 

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Each square will give you an idea of a type of media to try out in your classroom! For example … photo essays. Also, you will find an online resource that will inspire you! You can explore example media and lessons from those sites! For example … check out the Global Oneness Project and NPR. Then, we also share a HyperDoc that incorporates the resources. For example … check out the Why Community? lesson to see a concrete example of how to incorporate photo essays into lesson planning. Oh, you will have so much fun exploring these goodies!!


Add a comment below so we can build out a collection of fresh resources together.

  • What are you excited to try out in your classroom?
  • What would YOU add to this list of “favorite things?” 
  • What tools inspire you? 
  • What lessons do you have planned for the end of the year?
Author: HyperDocs Admin 13-04-2021

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    I am excited to try creating a HyperDoc once I kno
    I am excited to try creating a HyperDoc once I know everything that should be a part of the presentation. It seems a lot like what I am already doing in Canvas.
    Author: Shanda Easterling 26-04-2021